The Sexperts aren’t that good at talking dirty, but they’re real specialists when it comes to talking about sexuality, and how to have better and safer sex. You can ask us questions, get personal answers and chat. You’ll find us under the name Sexperterna at and on the RFSL chat. Look us up! If you don’t have any questions for us today, why not add us to your Favorites and get in touch another time? If you don’t have an account on Qruiser, feel free to e-mail us using the form below!

We are all bound by confidentiality. It’s important to know that your name won’t be saved. 

Free condoms and lubricants

You can also contact the Sexperts if you want condoms and lubricants. Just send your name and address to the Sexperts and we’ll send you condoms and lube. The condoms are free of charge and sent to your home. We do not register your name or address. Please note that we are only able to send out condoms to adresses in Sweden.

Sexperterna Rekommenderar

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