Testing positive means that you have a sexually transmitted infection. What happens next is that you get treatment, and the treatment can vary. After treatment you’ll have to provide a new sample to make sure the infection is gone, just to be on the safe side. You shouldn’t have sex until you’re certain the infection is completely gone. It may feel a bit dull, but it’s a good way of showing consideration for the people you like having sex with. Read more under the Facts tab above to find out more about treatment for the different STIs.

If you turn out to have an STI, you’ll be asked who you’ve had sex with recently. This is called a partner trace or infection trace, and it may feel a bit daft to have to say. The reason for the trace is that health professionals will need to find anyone else who may have an infection and offer them treatment. This enables other people to keep an eye on their health as well. So it’s kind of a weird concept, but really it’s a great thing!

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