BLOG / Stockholm Pride 2014


Stockholm Pride is here and now and the Sexperts are working double and tripple shifts! We have listed all the clubs and events that we are working at. We are linking to the official facebook events of each party and unfortunately the info is in Swedish but at least you can identify where and when the party take place.  

We are quite mobile every night so if you can’t find us, look for the Condom Bars which usually are located by the bar or the entrance.  

Wednesday: Drag it up / WonkMixat på SLM, Glory and Switch

Thursdag: Worlds biggest schlager after-party / CleanOpen House Men / SLM, Patricia and Switch

Friday: Mr gay swedenThis is Tel Aviv på WonkCandy and Dancing In The Dark / Mums mums.

Saturday: Candy/CleanIn Pride We Trust / WonkPolari Pride Edition and Mums Mums Dragrace

We are not working at Mums Mums Underklädesfest and Rehab vol 9 but we will make sure that there are condoms and lube avaliable. 

Happy Pride! 

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