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The Sexperts celibrate the variety of penises. They come in all shapes and sizes which is a good thing since it’s all a question of taste. Anal sex is more enjoyable when the condom fits nicely. Take a tape measure and measure the girth of the penis and from that you may find a new favorite condom. 

  • 6-9 cm Kung Tight and MySize 47 mm.
  • 9-11 cm MySize 49 mm, Pastante Trim and RFSU Tight
  • 11-12 cm Kung Original, Pastante Regular and RFSU Profil.
  • 12-13 cm Durex Featherlite Elite, MySize 57mm and RFSU Grande.
  • 13-15 cm Kung Loose, MySize 60 mm and Pasante King Size.
  • 15-17 cm MySize 64 mm.
  • 17 – cm MySize 69 mm.

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