BLOG / Buying antibiotics on-line?

Antibiotics is a great thing and used the right way, it cures infections like chlamydia, syphilis and gonorrhea. But if you use it the wrong way, the effect might not be as one would hope. And worst case scenario, the infection will come back stronger. One common misstake is to stop taking the pills when the symptoms disappear. Always follow the recommendations! And never buy antibiotics on-line.

  • Depending on where the infection is one might need different kinds of treatment. You need a doctor to get the right kind of antibiotics. 
  • You never really know what kind of pills you get if you order online. It may be expensive tic-tacs with no effect, despite the packaging. 
  • Buying on-line is illegal. Several sites claims that what they do is legal and approved by different authorites, that is not true.
  • It is expensive, antibiotics for chlamydia for instance is free in Sweden if you have the infection.   

Do you have the feeling that you might have caught an infection, get tested in a real clinic and get real antibiotics! Read more about Testing & PEP here at 

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