Using a condom is an effective way of reducing the risk of HIV transmission and of many other types of STIs. Condoms give you the freedom to have great sex with anyone you fancy, regardless of whether or not you live with HIV.

Some may choose not to use a condom in a relationship, while others might feel it’s an interruption in a steamy situation. However, a condom is a good way of showing that you take care of yourself and  that you respect the people you have sex with. What do you personally think is good about using a condom?


Condoms come in different sizes, fits, flavors and materials. Try different brands, sizes and materials and see what feels best for you and for your sex partner(s). Using a condom gets easier and more enjoyable with experience. Have you tried jerking off with a condom, just for practice…?

Get off better with lube! Lubrication makes anal sex much more pleasurable.  The delights of lube are multi-functional – it can also be used for other types of sex, and silicone-based lube makes a great massage oil. Remember only to use a water or silicone-based lubricant with a condom.

Condoms aren’t only for dicks, they also fit a wide variety of toys. Remember to change condoms if more than one person is being fucked by the same cock or dildo.


Want to turn condom use into a part of foreplay? Try putting the condom on the head of the cock and rolling it down over the cock with your mouth…

You never know when or where you’re going to have sex next. Keep condoms and lube handy, maybe near the bed, in the kitchen drawer or in your sports bag. If you keep condoms in your wallet, replace them every month or if the protective wrapping is damaged.

The basics

Condoms are usually made of latex. There are also condoms made from various plastic materials such as polyurethane, which is a good alternative if you’re allergic to latex. Also, plastic condoms conduct heat better, which can increase the pleasure. However, they’re also a bit more expensive. Flavors and colors vary, some have a bumps or ribbing patterns, intended to enhance the sexual pleasure.

Condoms are very thin, generally no more than a few hundredths of a millimeter. They are also very elastic. All condoms sold in Sweden have to be CE marked, which means they meet European standards for strength and durability. Try for yourself and blow into an unused condom. Inflate the condom as much as you can, it’s amazing how much they expand!

When you are about to use one, first check expire date and that their is still air in the wrapping. When you open it, make sure that you don’t rip or tear it. Before rolling it on, blow on it to make sure you put it on the right way.

Size matters

Condoms, like cocks, come in different shapes and sizes. To ensure that the condom fits comfortably and securely, it’s important to find a size and fit appropriate to the user. Find a condom that fits your favorite dick!

Medium-sized condoms fit most people. Again, condoms are very elastic and are longer than the average cock. Remember always to unroll the whole condom, it’s fine if it sits a little loose on your dick. Choose a slightly smaller condom if you have a smaller cock. If you have a larger cock, choose a larger condom. If the condom feels a bit tight and you don’t have a bigger one handy, put a bit of lube on the end of your cock and it’ll go on easier.

Some condoms are sized to fit the shape of the cock, for instance with an extra large space for the head or ‘helmet’. There are also condoms that are designed to rub at a particular point for more pleasure.

Sex shops and condom shops generally have a bigger selection than regular outlets. Look around in stores and online. Feel your way and see which kinds feel best for you and the people you have sex with. You should at least have fun trying all the different kinds out!

The girth of the cock            The width of the condom  

  • -6 cm                                      45 mm
  • 7-9 cm                                   47 mm
  • 9-11 cm                                 49 mm
  • 11-12 cm                               53 mm
  • 12-13 cm                               57 mm
  • 13-15 cm                               60 mm
  • 15-17 cm                               64 mm
  • 17-18 cm                               69 mm

 Here is a list of condoms with a size specification

  • KUNG Tight                          45 mm
  • My Size                                   47 mm
  • My Size                                   49 mm
  • Pasante Trim                       49 mm
  • RFSU Tight                           49 mm
  • RFSU Profil                           53 mm
  • Pasante Regular                 54 mm
  • KUNG Original                     54 mm
  • Pasante Large                     55 mm
  • RFSU Grande                      55 mm
  • Durex Fetherlite Elite          56 mm
  • Durex King Size                   56 mm
  • My Size                                   57 mm
  • RFSU Naked (non-latex)    58 mm
  • Pasante Sensiva (non-latex) 58 mm
  • KUNG Loose                        60 mm
  • My Size 60                             60 mm
  • Pasante King Size               60 mm
  • My Size 64                             64 mm
  • My Size 69                             69 mm

Rolling the condom on

The condom can only be rolled on one way, blow on the condom to see which way that is the right way. When rolling a condom onto your cock, hold the tip between your fingers and squeeze the air out so that no air gets inside the condom. Pull back the foreskin, if you or the person you’re having sex with has one. Roll the condom down over the cock; if it’s longer than the cock, it doesn’t matter if the condom puckers a bit. It can sometimes be nice to put a little lube on the end of the helmet before rolling the condom on.

Try rolling a condom on by yourself a few times, that way it’ll be easier when it really counts and you want to get down to business. 

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