Get off on sneakers, raw silk or the smell of leather? Are redheads with moustaches what does it for you? Do sexy reading glasses put the ‘lead in your pencil’ so to speak? Fetishism is about the ability to experience arousal from one or more specific materials, clothes, body parts or something else that’s not  usually associated with something sexual. This could be a material such as, say, leather, tweed or lycra. It could be clothing such as uniforms or sports outfits. Or body parts such as feet, armpits or shaved heads. For some people the fetish could be something completely different, such as a particular color or shape, or even a particular action or situation.

The perception of a fetish varies from one person to the next. Some people enjoy their fetish privately, while others prefer to share it, or have it shared with them, together with others. A fetish can be indulged on individual occasions, such as in connection with sex, or it can be something that adds a bit of extra spice to everyday life. Guess what? Some of your colleagues might go to work in a jockstrap or G-string? Indulging in a fetish itself carries no risk of transmitting HIV or other STIs. Well, unless you fetishize getting cum in your ass, mouth or pussy. Getting somebody else’s semen inside your body is always a risk.

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